Selfie Of Site Owner, CamHello and welcome to CamCitizen Media! I’m Cam and I am a multimedia content creator. 

My earlier career started in Photography, with models to help flesh out their portfolios and eventually to paid clients for engagements and weddings. I started a YouTube channel which began as a DIY/How-To channel and eventually evolved into a gaming channel. Although I began covering only Star Citizen, I’m focusing more on other games that take place in space.

The more I worked on my own videos, I realized I loved video editing. Composing a story from moving pictures and sharing them with others is exciting and is something I continue to embrace.

I also started a new channel for my passion for Keto Recipes. I’ve been on Keto for over a year, having lost 65lbs and being in the best health of my life. I enjoy creating and sharing recipes.

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Keto Recipes

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