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Welcome to Cam’s Keto Kitchen! 

Keto is an amazing lifestyle change that focuses on basically one thing: Cutting out the added sugars and carbohydrates in your foods so your body can burn fat for energy instead of the sugars that you consume.

Many people think that you have to give up so much to succeed, but once you get started and after about your second week on Keto, you’ll see a dramatic change. 

I’ve been on Keto for over a year now, having lost 70lbs and reversed the metabolic syndrome my body was going through. I feel amazing because my organs aren’t fighting for their lives anymore. I was on the brink of Type II Diabetes, and Liver Scirosis. I was lethargic and had trouble thinking straight. 

After getting on Keto, my body reversed all the bad stuff. Something else happened that I thought was nothing short of a miracle. I began to not only feel but look younger. For context, I am now forty years old and you would have thought I was in my fifties before. The wrinkles started fading away, and the skin felt more supple. I don’t have as much gray hair either.

I started a YouTube Channel so I could share my recipes. Just because you’re cutting out fried foods, bread, pasta, and sugars doesn’t mean the food has to be bland! The recipes contained herein are flavorful and easy to make! 

I’ll even show you how to order Keto healthy food at your favorite restaurants!

One Year apart - Before & After

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Latest Recipes

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Keto Taco Seasoning And Salad

I love Tacos as much as the next person! But just because we’re on Keto doesn’t mean we have to miss out on what makes tacos amazing, which is the seasoning itself! The problem with most storebought Taco seasonings is that there are added fillers like anti-caking agents and added sugar. Why does everything need […]

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