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Selfie Of Site Owner, CamThanks for stopping by! I’m Cam, and I’ve been playing Star Citizen for almost three years.

It’s a game that I have invested thousands of hours into and enjoy immensely, even with the bugs! Star Citizen has been in development for the last ten years, mainly because features and ships and gameplay are being added constantly.

And that’s what I love. The ambition that this game has. It’s continuously evolving and pushing the boundaries of the gaming industry.

I want to bring the joy that I have for this game and share it with all of you. I do ship reviews, gameplay footage, how-to’s, and much more on my channel.

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If you’re not sure what Star Citizen is all about, make sure to visit my “What Is Star Citizen?” Page!

About Cam – Cam is a non-binary person who loves Star Citizen and welcomes everyone from all walks of life to their channel and community. You are in a safe space.

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