Why I Love the Hercules C2

					The following is the script for the video itself. 

I love the Crusader Hercules. I’ve owned it since it was released, and it is one of my most used ships, next to the Anvil Pisces.

The Crusader Hercules is a powerful and versatile spacecraft in the universe of Star Citizen.

One of the key features of the Hercules C2 is its massive cargo hold, which allows it to transport large amounts of goods and materials. This makes it a popular choice for traders and cargo haulers looking to make a profit in the bustling markets of the ‘verse. That same cargo space can hold a variety of vehicles and spacecraft as well.

Protecting all that precious cargo is important, so the Hercules holds up to its name not just in size but in defense as well. With a massive hull HP of over 82,000 and the stock shields wrap it in a comforting extra 200,000 HP blanket. That means it can take a lot of hits, giving you plenty of time to quantum your way out of a dangerous situation.

Speaking of quantum, the Hercules doesn’t have to refuel very often. The fuel tanks top off at 88,000 liters, which ensures you can make multiple trips all around Stanton without having to worry. The stock Quantum drive is slow, though, so make sure to upgrade it to a fast military drive.

I’ve found the other stock components like the coolers, power plant and shields are plenty for my daily needs and usually don’t offer much improvement if upgraded anyway.

The top side is very spacious and there is plenty of space for your friends or org mates. The standard C2 comes with a living quarters with two beds and a recreation area complete with kitchenette and comfortable seating. Fully accessible components throughout ensures that you can make repairs or diagnose issues without having to tear half my of your ship apart.

The main hallway leading to the cockpit features two large weapons and tool lockers, suit lockers and escape pods. And if that isn’t enough storage for all your gear, the internal inventory lets you store a lot more. Which does make it perfect for all your looting needs, especially since with 3.18 we now have a “move all” button.

I bought the C2 when it was first released in 3.13.1, which was early 2021, and I’ve loved it ever since. I had recently lost it for a while as I’d melted it for the RSI Galaxy, but the Carrack loaner was too much ship for myself and I hated parting with my C2, so I melted my Galaxy pledge and repurchased my Hercules, and I’m glad I did. It’s a capable ship that gets a lot of things right.

One of my favorite parts are the sounds. Whoever was the sound engineer for this ship deserves the highest praise. From the interior ambience to the main thrusters, it is just right. I mean, just listen to it taking off from port in atmosphere with the afterburners!

I think everyone should have the C2 in their fleet in Star Citizen. Sure, there are the A2 and M2 variants depending on what you’re into, the C2 is the lowest cost of the three, coming in at just 4,925,500 aUEC which is quite reasonable especially if you’re into cargo hauling.

Overall, I love this ship and I hope you loved this review. If you did, go ahead and hit the like and subscribe button, so you can stay tuned for more Star Citizen. I’m Cam and I hope you all have a great 2023 out in the ‘verse.